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Monitoring crowd dynamics

Open-House created the INCROWD fieldlab in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, TKI CLICKNL and market parties ID&T and Q-Dance. A large coalition of stakeholders is now working on applied research to co-create solutions that improve the safety and experience of visitors during large-scale events.

Project details

Start date

June 1, 2017

End date

Begin 2018

Please check for open positions at the bottom of this page before contacting Open-House.

More about this project

Our INCROWD fieldlab is currently focused on developing image recognition tools. Machine vision solutions can greatly improve real-time crowd monitoring practices and models for studying crowd dynamics.

This project is part of ourĀ Crowd & Data program.

How we work

For every challenge, Open-House forms effective consortia of market parties, suppliers, startups and knowledge institutes. As co-innovator, we specialize in launching and coordinating projects that yield actual solutions for major industry challenges. We join forces with established suppliers, recruit and guide startups, or create our own solutions if we have to. The challenges and needs of the event industry are always central to our efforts. Take crowd management for example. How can we ensure safety and optimize visitor experience? Organizers have difficulty simulating crowd movements and converting insights into innovation, so we launched the INCROWD fieldlab. A coalition of specialists, industry leaders and government bodies is now working on applied research to co-create solutions in fields like real-time crowd monitoring and simulating crowd dynamics.

What we need

We are currently looking for partners who can help us with the following aspects of this project.

No extra help needed at this time. Please check back soon.