Challenge Tomorrow

What if you could tackle grand challenges such as increasing urbanization, the excretion of fossil fuels and annihilation of waste by using festivals as a dynamic testing ground? Use the knowledge of your study and the guidance and network of Open-House to get things done.

Challenge tomorrow is our breeding ground and incubator for creating solutions for societal challenges by using festivals as a testing ground. We offer offers ambitious, idealistic and pragmatic students the opportunity to engage in real life challenges and find innovative solutions. We use the operative heart of the festival to pilot the ideas in real life situations. Our partners such as ABN AMRO, Fabrique, Lab Vlieland, ID&T and a strong network of innovative entrepreneurs offer valuable guidance in developing the prototype. This can vary from products, services and systems to new business models.

Why festivals?

With a festival being a miniature city, with its own infrastructure, people, energy sources, line of supplies and logistics, technology that is invented for the event industry can be adapted to all kind of branches and vice versa. Let’s take an app developed for locating your friends at a festival without the use of Internet. Why can’t we extend the development of this technology so it can be implemented at a refugee camp for families to relocate each other? Exactly, innovation is global and can be used everywhere. You just have to connect the dots. Open-House helps this process by bringing together a powerful community of talented entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and partners on a unique testing ground, the festival as a so called living lab. A strong alliance that shares a common trait: the ability to dream big and execute on a vision for making an impact on the world of social and sustainable change through innovating festivals.


Open-House believes in giving talent a stage to grow. This call is only for students who look further than just a thought and are ambitious enough to fully devote themselves to their product. In return, Open-House gives fully access its network and knowledge in both the festival industry as in how to build a business. We’re not looking for incidental change, but radical, sustainable innovation.

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